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Professional Eye Tests near you!


Reasons to go independent with me


If you would like to be looked after by an Optometrist with over 20 years experience in Optometry, qualifying from Glasgow in 1996.


If you like to be treated as an individual during your eye tests ,have time given to you and not be part of a conveyer belt practice.


If you would like to have a range of frames professionally measured and fitted by your optometrist.


If you would like continuity of care and see the same optometrist every time .


If you would like to choose from quality frames ,some exclusive to independents, to give you individuality.


If you would like to be seen locally ,by someone who lives locally and knows the area well.


If you like to be given the time to discuss all your contact lens options and be looked after professionally by the same optometrist for your aftercare.


If you like great value on spectacles and contact lenses from budget to



If you fancy contact lenses delivered straight to your door.


If you never want to be turned away with an ocular  emergency


I do things differently - I take all the measurements myself for your new spectacles.

 I carry out all the clinical procedures  that elsewhere

may be carried out by "optical assistants".


I will make sure that you are given the correct, simple to understand advice regarding your eye health , spectacles and contact lenses.


I have leaflets in practice for patients to take home on Diabetes, Glaucoma, Cataract , Macular degeneration and more.






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