Common Symptoms including Flashing, floaters, red eye, sore eye , blurred vision




Headaches : sometime headaches can be caused by a change in prescription but other times it can be linked to eye disease or even general health issues. It is on Symptoms including Flashing floaters and pain:better to get it checked if headaches are unusual for you, or if they have changed in type or severity.


Eyestrain : examples of possible causes include a change in prescription, or a binocular vision issue(where the eyes dont work well together).It can also be the result of tiredness or excess detailed work. There are many causes and if you have eyestrain with no obvious cause , you should see me for an eye examination.


 Tired eyes : again examples of causes are much the same as eyestrain but :if you have new persistant symtpoms you should see me to get an eye examination.

 Blurred vision : this can be caused by many factors. You should always have an examination if your vision has deteriorated, especially if it is sudden!

 Flashing Lights in vision: this is a common symptom and most of the time it is caused by Migraine , or by the jelly in the eye(vitreous humour) moving around more as you get older .However if you see flashing lights in your vision , you have an eye examination urgently(same day if possible) to rule out damage to the retina, especially if you also have an increase in floaters or a shadow or curtain coming over your vision.

 Appearance/change in floaters: most people have floaters and notice them. You will see them more against a bright background. If you notice a change in the amount or size of floaters (spots/blobs in vision) you should see me for an examination urgently(same day if possible)

 Visual disturbance : again many causes of this and generally I would want to see these patients urgently (same day) to rule out any pathology. Sometimes it is just migraine but it needs to be checked asap , as one other cause can be macular degeneration .
 Distorted vision : same as visual disturbance. I would advise you see me urgently (same day)

 Watery eyes : In everyone's eyes the tears that lubricate the eye deteriorate as we get older. You may still have plenty tears but they run alot. This can be down to a poor "mucous" layer in your tears. The mucous layer hold the tears on your eyes. I can advise which remedy would be useful.

 Dry,gritty eyes : Again this is to do with your tears but it can be caused by age, health , medication and its best not to suffer.Come and have it checked and I will advise the best course of action.

 Sticky eyes : If you have a discharge form the eyes it can be down to an infection( viral, bacterial ,fungal..). You should have it checked asap especially if your vision is affected. You should never wear contact lenses if you are unwell and/or have an eye infection.

 Pain/discomfort/ sore eye , or eyes : any unsusual pain/discomfort around eyes should be checked the same day.


If you have any of the above and are concerned ,don't hesitate to to contact me to book an appointment


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