Conjunctivitis examined and advice given


Bacterial Conjunctivitis is a common condition most common in children.(incidence 1/10)


Symptoms include grittiness ,red eye, yellow discharge. Both eyes are usually involved but normally one before the other.


Discharge can gradually worsen over 1-2 days and lashes can be matted together. 


It usually doesn't affect vision unless the infection transfers to the cornea(clear part of eye).


It will normally resolve itself after 10-14 days but you should see an optometrist for diagnosis and it is most commonly treated with eye drops to shorten course of the disease.


Parents should regularly clean the lids and lashes with luke warm water and disposable cotton pads. This reduces the likelihood of re-infection. Also the patient should not use the same cloths/towels etc as others since bacterial conjunctivitis is highly infectious.



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