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What is UV damage ? and how to protect with Zeiss lenses.

All our Zeiss lenses offer full UVA and UVB protection as standard.(click pic above for more information)

Children are at higher risk of exposure to UV since they tend to spend more time outdoors. They can get 80% of their lifetime exposure during those years.(1)

We offer an upgrade to children's lenses for only £20 that gives them Zeiss Clearview lenses

Not only does that provide protection to UV A and UVB but they are much thinner, lighter and optically clearer than standard lenses.

We also stock Maui Jim, Ray-ban and Bolle sunglasses so there is no excuse not to have your eyes fully protected and reduce the risk from UV.

Have a safe summer (and all year)


  1. Ivanov, Iliya V et al. “Ultraviolet radiation oxidative stress affects eye health.” Journal of biophotonics vol. 11,7 (2018): e201700377. doi:10.1002/jbio.201700377

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