Lens Choices

Depending on your prescription, lifestyle or job , I can help you choose a lens material that's right for you!

SENSITY Light reactive  These light reactive lenses ensure you see comfortably in all light conditions without having to change your glasses.Throughout the colour transition Sensity constantly provides total UV protection. Utilises Stabilight technology™ ; Sensity lenses are designed to perform consistently across different climates, regions and weather conditions, making them perfect for every lifestyle.


 UV Control lenses  UV is part of the light transmitted by the sun. Although it is invisible to the human eye, UV is an important part of our daily lives as it provides us with nescessary vitamin D. However it can have negative affects on our skin....and our eyes. Hoya UV control lenses have a UV barrier applied to front and back of spectacle lens to give the lens 100% filter of UV.


 Blue Control lenses Most Digital devices have one thing in common : they all emit blue light. Over exposure to high intensity blue light emitted by these devices can lead to eyestrain, eye fatigue and sleeplessness. Hoya BlueControl lenses neutralises a significant proportion of the blue light emitted which reduces glare and enhances contrast to provide more comfortable, relaxed vision and a better colour experience.

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