Varifocals and Indoor Varifocals

Quality Hoya Varifocals with easy adaptation and comfortable vision

  • Hoyalux iD Lifestyle V+  is a premium varifocal lens that provides clear and natural vision in all directions, offering wide distortion free fields of vision and smooth transitions between distance and near vision.
  • These lenses are suited to the newest frame styles and provide the most accurate visual correction while enabling stable vision at all times.
  • In addition Hoyalux iD Lifestyle V+ X-Act takes into accountyour individual wearing parameters to provide a more personalised correction and optimum field of vision.
  • Ensure you take advantage of all these great benefits by choosing a Hoyalux iD Lifestyle V+ lens design.

Hoyalux iD Workstyle V+ / TACT trueform / ADDPOWER trueform

  • Whilst standard varifocal or bifocal lenses can enable near and far vision, particularly in outdoor environments, they may not provide the sharp vision required indoors for close distance activities. Depending upon your individual requirements Hoya's indoor range of lenses can offer perfect solutions for :


  • Intensive readingSpecific indoor lenses can offer an improved visual perception, providing much greater depth and width vision correction compared to standard reading lenses.
  • Computer work - With lenses to provide extra wide visual perception up to approximately 200cm , these are the ideal solution for working on the computer.
  • Office work - With lenses to provide wide visual perception up to approximately 400cm , these are the ideal solution for working in the office, allowing for easy switching from your computer to arounf the office.
  • Specialist professionsThere are many professions that require high levels of concentration and perfect vision, including dentists, beauticians and graphic designers to name a few. These demand the highest resolution, contrast and visual perception possible in work situations, making indoor lenses the perfect solution.
  • Ensure you optimise your vision in all work situations by choosing specific indoor lenses.


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